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Alejandro Perez

Chief Technical Officer / Co-Founder

Born: December 17, 1978 in Venezuela
College: University of Carabobo
Experience: 19 years

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This is how it all started

Early Days

In 1996, Alejandro Perez graduated from High School from Colegio Calasanz in Valencia, Venezuela.

After graduating high school, Alejandro (Alex) went on to start his Full Service Marketing Firm with his high school friends Armando and Ajaib Valbuena, Centronet.

Centronet quickly became one of the first multimedia companies in Venezuela using Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Director. The well-known technical ability led to the firm’s growth managing over 200 different marketing projects attracting recognizable brands like Mazda, General Motors, Caterpillar, Jeep, Pfizer, Ford and Mercedes Benz to name a few. Centronet was nominated in 2003, 2004 and 2005 in different categories for the prestigious award “Lo Mejor de Punto Com”

In 2005, Alex graduated from University of Carabobo with a degree in Business Administration from the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences.


A New Beginning

In 2006, Alex moved to the U.S and started a new Centronet Branch managing over 50 clients in New York, Seattle and Florida.


In 2008, Alex joined a major transportation company that was looking to develop its very own in-house online marketing department to specialize in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Alex worked with a team of two and eventually led the team to a group of over 25 designers, programmers, writers and social media experts.

In his role as the Director of Marketing Alex devised a strategic plan to develop a brand to compete with other major transportation companies nationwide.

His strategy included SEO and GEO Targeting techniques for the different services offered by the transportation firm. Unlike other firms at the time that tried these techniques with one lead generation website Alex was confident enough to try his idea with 2500 websites across all major cities in the U.S. The end result saw 2500 websites ranking organically and with Google maps bringing in 3000 lead potentials which led to 250k in monthly revenue.


Google Adwords - First Steps

In 2009, Alex wanted to capitalize on the SEO success and continue to increase revenues by starting a Google paid advertising campaign. The Google Paid advertising campaign opened another door for Alex as he quickly learned the PPC strategies of keeping cost low, reaching his target audience and reaching his audience nationwide. In no time Alex was overseeing a budget of 750k yearly with Google AdWords and most importantly saw a 3 times ROI.


In 2014, as the marketing projects were evolving Alex was called upon to create an iOS and an Android App. Closely working with iOS and Java developers, Alex managed a campaign that was getting ready to launch a ground breaking effort for the industry.


Edge Media

In 2015, Alex returned to his stomping grounds teaming with his old colleague and friend Darren Jhagroo to create Edge Media.

This Duo managed many online marketing projects together over the last 7 years seeing the most impressive results to date as a team.


Google 5pecialist Certified

In August 2015, Alex completed Google's 5pecialist Challenge and received a limited edition framed certificate.

To obtain the certification, Alex was required to pass six comprehensive AdWords exams; AdWords Fundamentals and five supplementary advertising topics, including: AdWords Search, AdWords Display, Video, Shopping, and Mobile Advertising before the September 15th deadline

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