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Katie Foreman

Manager, Partnership Activation at Miami Dolphins

katie foreman

Walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today?

I had what every college student has...a mid-college crisis. I realized that I really had no idea what I wanted to do for a career. So I got online and started searching different jobs, industries and obviously the "what career should I do" quizzes (you know you all did those too...don't lie). From some previous internships I had throughout college, I knew that I loved problem solving, meeting and building relationships with people and having a great team environment and culture, so I just had to find the perfect job that hit all of those things..easy! I had come across a job opening in the sports industry for an entry level position in Corporate Partnerships for the Miami Dolphins that really interested me. When I went to apply for the position online, you know it's bad when the "number of applicants" up at the top of the posting says 1,000+. I hadn't had any previous experience in the sports industry so I figured that this Sophomore would never get this Summer Staff Assistant position but I applied anyways. I knew that I had to make myself stand out past a silly resume so I sent my resume and cover letter in a big box to the VP of the department (since if you get sent a massive box to your office, you're going to open it) and expressed my passion for the role. I ended up getting a phone interview which lead to more than a few in person interviews. I was still up at school during this time so every time that I was called in for an interview or lunch, I knew how important it was for my future and drove 5 hours each time to make the meeting and prove that I was dedicated. Long story short, I had gotten the summer position but then was actually not able to accept due to the fact that I was a Sophomore and they only accepted Juniors and Seniors. I was crushed. Luckily the woman I worked with in the HR department believed in me and she invited me to shadow her a few times. In those days I made relationships with those who worked for the team and they asked if I would help them out working on game days..of course I accepted (even though for my senior year I would be driving 5 hours there and back to work the Dolphins home games, but it was worth it). After proving that I would inconvenience myself and work harder than anyone, after graduation I was offered a position on the Corporate Partnerships team. This team and this organization is filled with opportunities and I have grown so much in the 3 and a half years I have been here. I just completed a 7-month leadership rotation program where I was able to learn from different leaders across the organization, how each department is run and how all the teams work together. It was truly an amazing experience that has pushed me to be a better leader and team member in my current role as the Manager for Partnership Activation.

What were the defining moments in your life? Moments that made you decide you wanted more

This is a great question and honestly, I don't really have one moment that I can pin that changed everything. There are certain parts in my life that have played big roles in my life such as going off to college (and having my mid-college crisis), accepting the job at the Dolphins and learning the work it takes to be great at your job while being a great leader to a team, getting married to my best friend who motivates and supports me more than anyone. I think at the end of day I don't have just one defining moment and I aim to have multiple defining moments because each time you grow and you raise the bar for the next one!


What should we know? What makes you and your industry interesting? What sets you apart from the competition​?

Being in the sports and entertainment industry, your job and day to day priorities are never boring. Even though I technically work for the Miami Dolphins, it is so much more than just NFL. Hard Rock Stadium is truly a global entertainment destination with events like the Miami Open tennis tournament, Super Bowl, CFP Championship, International Soccer Matches, Concerts, Festivals...the list goes on and on. Being able to be involved in these types of world-class events is such a cool experience and a huge opportunity to learn and make relationships across the different organizations.

Give us a few quotes that you follow from your industry that people should keep in mind as they go along the same path you’ve taken.

"Success isn't owned. It's leased. And rent is due every day." -J. J. Watt

​If you could go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?

I wouldn't go back and change anything because I have learned a lot along the way. I would go back and tell myself to appreciate the challenges, changes and hard decisions that you have to go through because those moments grow you as a person and eventually lead you to better things than you could have even thought of if you hadn't gone through those tougher times.

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