Spray and Forget

spray-and-forget-logoA Nationwide roof cleaning product Spray and Forget has made quite a name for itself. Promoting an Eco Friendly, easy to use roof cleaning product. Spray and Forget has been seen on Television Commercials, the DIY Network and shows like the Balancing Act. This brand is currently in large box retailers like The Home Depot, Ace Hardware and True Value.

Spray and Forget has been active with their own AdWords campaign since November of 2002 and has done a very good job since then gaining more visibility and online sales. In 2014, Spray and Forget enlisted our help to update their website, giving potential customers a better shopping experience, providing more product education, adding better quality product images, ensuring the shopping cart was more efficient, adding more videos and a better photo gallery.

Our Edge Media team developed the eCommerce website by doing extensive research on well-known cleaning products across the country. The Edge Team felt that because Spray and Forget was a National product much feedback would be needed to develop something for all customers. So the Edge team devised a 10 person focus group to determine what men and women of all ages want to see on a website when looking for a cleaning product. The final website was our some of our best work yet!